How To Get Started In The New Vaping Trend

Posted on Oct 22 2014 - 8:51am by Editorial Staff

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You’ve read all the blogs, and you’ve heard your friends rave about their rigs for too many weeks. You’re finally ready to take the first steps to owning your very own e-cigarette. You can do all the research you want, but all it really comes down to is getting into a shop and trying the e-cigs out in real life to see what you do and don’t like. You’ll need to get out of your computer chair and find a local smoke shop that will let you sample makes, models, and e-liquid flavors. But first, read a little more of this article so you know what you can expect.

The Store

If you are going to purchase your e-cig at a brick-and-mortar store, you probably want to pay attention to what store you choose. You can take suggestions from your friends who vape; with their more extensive experience, they might have well-formed opinions on the stores in your area. You definitely must locate a shop that will let you sample their wares before you buy — any store that refuses to let you try a feature or flavor isn’t worth your time or money. After this important consideration, you can weight prices and customer service options that will vary from store to store.

One smart course of action is to try out the different styles of e-cig in a store, make notes, and purchase what you like from a reliable online e-cig vendor. You are more likely to get better prices from an online merchandiser, and while transitioning from a money-sucking habit like tobacco, often cost is at the forefront of a new vaper’s mind.

The Service

Different shops will have different methods of dealing with customers. With a small amount of planning, you can get into your store during a slow part of the day so you can better interact with the salespeople. The employees of the store you choose, if you’ve found a worthwhile store, will have extensive knowledge of their wares. This will allow you form a more complete opinion on the vast array of e-cig mods.

As soon as you enter, you should be approached by an eager and enthusiastic salesperson interested in showing you around. The employee may ask you about your current smoking habits and the brands of cigarettes you buy. This will allow him or her to start you sampling models of e-cig you are more likely to enjoy. What you may not have considered is that every aspect of the e-cig is customizable. From the heat of the vapor, to the power of the battery, to the color of the mouthpiece, you can make everything suit your tastes. The more information you can volunteer about your smoking habits and your vaping intentions, the more accurate the salesperson can be in pairing you with your perfect rig.

The Sampling

Many of the better shops have a lounge or a bar where customers can come relax and try out new juices or modifications. During your first time in the shop, you can expect to spend an hour in one of these areas as you refine your e-cig tastes. You’ll likely try out at least one of every style and modification of e-cig, including disposable and rechargeable types as well as atomizers and cartomizers.

Your trusty, helpful employee will probably start you off with simpler models, like inexpensive disposables or minis. These look and feel just like cigarettes; they are roughly the same size and weight as your tobacco-filled friend, and they are budget-friendly to help you experiment with e-cigarettes before you know exactly what you’re looking for. Plus, this type of e-cig is smaller, which means you can take the just about anywhere with some discretion.

However, if you are confident that you’ll stay in the e-cig community for a while, you might be better at starting off with the higher-end models. Advanced personal vaporizers (AVPs) are large — think a big, fat cigar — and can be rather heavy due to the rechargeable battery in the end. However, most of these models offer an unparalleled level of customization, giving you the most ideal vaping experience possible. Not only do you get to choose your own e-liquid flavor, but you can control the heat at which it burns and find the right nicotine level to get your mind racing.

Shops are fine when you want to sample styles and flavors without much monetary risk, but if you are looking to become a long-term vaper, online stores usually have ready reviews to give you exactly what you’re looking for at a more affordable price.

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