How To Find A Personal Injury Lawyer

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Have you been recently involved in an accident of a serious nature? Are you looking for some help in order to settle your insurance claims? A good lawyer can help you with these claims, but any regular lawyer will not do? You need to find a personal injury lawyer for these proceedings, since he has the necessary experience and expertise to help you out. But how do you find your personal injury lawyer? Through yellow pages, a TV ad or the internet? This post will tell you how to find a personal injury lawyer.

Ask friends and co-workers

Asking friends or especially co-workers who might have been involved in a similar situation before, is a very good way to start looking for your personal injury lawyer. The distinct advantage of asking around is that you will get a good overall review of the lawyer himself, which can be quite useful in helping you decide whether you would like to assign him or not. However, it is still quite early to decide upon your lawyer, but this is definitely a head start.

Look at Yellow Pages, Local Directories

Local directories, Yellow pages, adverts on local TV networks are also very good sources to find potential lawyers.  With these you can create a list of potential lawyers from where you can choose the right one. Though advertisements, these sources will also give you important information such as experience of the lawyers, their success rate, their high portfolio cases, etc. which will also be important factors in deciding which lawyer you would like to go with.

Speak to the lawyer

Once you have a list of potential personal injury lawyers, set up an appointment with them to discuss your case. Carry necessary documentation and proof of your injury along with other official reports that might be helpful for the lawyer to understand your case. The first consultation is usually free and it should give you a fair idea of the kind of lawyer you would like to work with.

Spot the Red Flags

There are certain traits in injury lawyers that you must stay away from. If a lawyer promises you a huge lump sum in terms of compensation amount or claims to guarantee results for your case during the first meeting itself, then you are probably safe pleading the case on your own rather than relying on such a lawyer. No lawyer can guarantee the decision or the compensation coming out of a settlement and any lawyer doing so is taking you for a ride. In case, you have ended up being in a lawyer’s office because he sent you a letter about how he can get you compensation, then you should stay away from him altogether.

Bank on reputation and track record

Having met your potential personal injury lawyer, do not get swayed by his swanky office or the name of the firm he might be associated with or his Ivy League education. Look at what people have to say about him and his past track record is pleading successfully for his clients. That is the only metric that counts and the only one that is important for you.

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