How To Ensure You Hire A Credible Furniture Mover

Posted on Nov 8 2013 - 9:29am by Sumari Van Greuning


Hiring a furniture mover is easy and it doesn’t matter who you use, right? Wrong! If you think about it, your household belongings are all that you’ve got. By hiring a furniture moving company, you are placing all those valuable possessions in their hands. Not only that, moving is a stressful and time sensitive job. Movers that arrive late can seriously hinder your moving plans and cause a lot of stress.

So how do you ensure that you hire a credible moving company to assist with your move? By doing your homework beforehand, you can rest assured that you’ve done all you can to hire the best furniture mover. Here’s 3 simple steps to ensure you hire only a credible furniture mover and nothing else:

Step 1 – Research

You can conduct your search from a variety of sources, and it’s not limited to only the search engines. An easy way to get a credible furniture mover may be to ask your family and friends about the movers they recently used. You can then chat with your friends or family and hear firsthand what they thought about the mover.

Or you can search online or in the yellow pages for furniture movers in your area. Another important thing to look out for is positive customer reviews. The company’s website will also reveal a lot about their credibility. So be sure to check if their website looks credible. What you must look out for in a credible website are an “about us” page, a “services” page and check for contact details and customer testimonials.

Step 2 – Conduct an interview

Once you’ve found a handful of furniture movers in your research phase, now’s the time to get on the phone and conduct an interview. There are a ton of due-diligence type of questions that you can ask the moving companies.

The answers to these questions and the way the company deals with you and the questions will reveal a lot. And you may very soon find out whether the furniture moving company is credible and trustworthy, or not. But be sure to ask them if they are available on your moving date before starting your interview.

Here are a few basic questions that will reveal the credibility of the company

1 – How long have your business been operating?
2 – Do you have customer referrals?
3 – How big are your moving team and vehicles?
4 – Can you give me a free quote and how does it work?
5 – How do you calculate your costs? What’s the possible additional costs?
6 – What’s your cancellation policy?
7 – How do you expect payment?
8 – Can you guarantee my moving date?

Step 3 – Final arrangements

Now that you’ve conducted an interview with a few movers, one or two movers may seem more credible than the rest. You can test whether they are really credible by meeting them in person. A good way of doing this is to ask them to come assess your household goods. But also ask the owner or manager of the business to come along to meet in person. That will really tell you if you are dealing with a professional or not.

Once you are happy with the company and feel you can trust them, arrange for the final step. The final step to hiring a credible moving company is to get everything in writing and to double check those documents. Make sure you read their terms and conditions carefully and double check all the documents, especially the amounts and fine print.


While you can never be a 100% sure about the credibility of a furniture moving company, these steps will make you feel more at ease. You can also look for a furniture mover recommender service in your area. A recommender service usually works with the best furniture movers to see that they are credible and trustworthy. And this makes finding the right and most credible furniture mover much easier!

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