How To Display Artworks Artistically In Your Home

Posted on Nov 13 2013 - 11:21am by Editorial Staff

The Art

Some people are really passionate about purchasing costly pieces of arts and displaying them in their homes to impress others. However, what happens with these people that they usually do not have any know how about how to display those masterpieces and resultantly, they fail to make any impression on visitors. This does not only mean utter waste of money but also often results in the embarrassment before the people.

The Art of Displaying Art

It is an established fact that displaying art in most pleasant fashion is an art in itself and following lines contains some tips that will help you to master it.

Purchase what You Love: The first and foremost requirement of buying and later showcasing the pieces of art is to buy what you love and surround yourself with them. You need not to but expensive or extravagant paintings or antiques but something that can give you pleasure on regular basis.

Hang Pictures at Right Place and Right Height: Hang portraits and picture such as wall photo printings at the appropriate height that is almost at the eye level of an average sized person. This will allow you to enjoy the painting naturally without having to lift your face up in the most awkward fashion.

Group Things Up: If you are using a large wall as a display, group pictures close enough instead of scattering them all along the wall. Try to keep art works close to each other even if you hang them over couches or other furniture. Keep the distance equal between all the pieces but concentrate the most on focal point.

Gradually Build the Gallery: If you want to build a gallery, always start from the center and then go outwards. In this way, you will not have to take pictures down, patching up and even start from zero to accommodate new paintings. In this regard you can do the experiment by shuffling the pieces on the ground unless you get what you desire.

Small is Powerful: Although most of the people use large art works but small pieces like split picture canvas printscan create a sensational effect as well and will force people to look more closely. However, frames should not be too diminutive that they might look stingy and sometimes they will add no value to your room or house.

Frame Wrapping: If you want to hang pictures of same theme, than always prefer matte standby picture frame style. The biggest advantage of these frames is that they do not mix with the artwork and maintain their unique elegance.

Mix Style of Frames: You can use different styled frames as almost all of them can coexist in perfect symmetry imparting beautiful looks to the surroundings. You can use antique brass, iron,mosaic and painted ceramic all at one place and they will not look odd at all but will make a unique combination of beauty and elegance.

Adding A Mat: Some people do not like matting but it actually can give a finished professional touch as well as elegance to the art work. Matts are exceptional in highlighting the colors and particular theme of the piece in use.


Displaying the art aesthetically can be a difficult task and therefore demands clear understanding and professionalism. In this regard, above mentioned tips will definitely help you to exhibit your skills to others in most resounding method.

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