How To Crowd Fund For “Me”

Posted on Sep 26 2013 - 11:45am by Eric Santos


Did you ever have a dream and not know what to do to finance it? Did Financing stop you dead in your tracks? That may be where the limiting belief “It takes money to make money” comes from. I know it has happened to me. But there is good news for any person who has a dream, yet not enough money to see it through. The answer is called Crowd funding of which has been around for many years, just not available the way it is like today with the internet being so prolific.

I’m going to explain how crowd funding works and give some examples, but I want to make it clear that this is not a get rich quick scheme. You won’t get the money you want overnight and you won’t get it without a lot of work. Yet it does work and has for many countless projects and campaigns. Imagine what you could crowd fund. Whether you need funding for a business, charitable dream, or even for a gift for yourself, there is a crowdfunding platform for your need.

Crowd funding has been around for a long time when you consider the plate being passed around at a church gathering. The idea is finding a group of people who believe the same as you do and are willing to support your idea by donating money to the cause. The potential is staggering as there have been a number of campaigns that have raised more than a million dollars. Not too bad, or in other words “very remarkable”. However, before you get too excited note that a lot of projects don’t get funded at all. The majority of campaigns that receive funding are for some innovative product or large charitable cause. The best sites to find these types of campaigns are kickstarter, fundly, and indiegogo just to name a few.

If you are looking for a method to start crowding funding for “gifts” for yourself, WishBooklet is the place that you need to visit. WishBooklet is an easy way to share what you want with your friends and family and get them to pitch in to get it for you. They can assist you to make your dreams come true through crowd funding. From this website, you can make a list of things you want and ask your friends, family members and other people to support you in making your dreams come true.

The more angles of interest you can create into funding your project, the more possibilities at finding the crowd you have to support it. Don’t find yourself short on ideas, be creative. You too can fulfill a lifelong dream of your own and I highly recommend it. Now you don’t have an “I can’t afford to do it” excuse. On the other hand if you have a “can do” attitude, you knew you could do it all along and just perhaps crowd funding can provide the answer you need to move you forward. Remember, persistence and patience are very useful traits if you decide to crowd fund a project.

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Eric Santos is a blogger, social media guru, and entrepreneur. Eric is the co-founder and Business Guy at WishBooklet, a gift crowdfunding web-app. Eric is the current CEO of Dwibbles and former founder and CEO of Soshowise Inc. Eric received a B.S in Entrepreneurship from CSUF. Eric serves an Account Manager for the software company Decipher and manages some of the company’s key accounts.