How To Build A House – Key Checklist

Posted on Feb 27 2015 - 7:02am by Jack Dawson

House and Money

Building a new home is more complicated than buying an existing one, and nowadays, people spend much time in thinking whether to build a new home or to buy an old one. Many important factors make people worry about building a new house. Most of people do not show their willingness about building a new house, because they think that it would take too much time and probably put load of some extra cost. That is the reason why people are leaned more towards the concept of buying an existing house than thinking of how to build a house.

However, before developing any plan of buying or building a house, you should be well aware about the fact that the proprietor has greater control over design and other structural establishments when it is about building a new one. But whenever, a buyer decides to buy a house, he or she has to compromise with his or her taste and choices, because the existing house has been built by someone else who had determined the structure of the house. Several key factors are briefly described below that will help you in the process of buying or building a new house.

Financial assistance

Finance is obviously the key factor, which will fuel your project of building a house. People who prefer to buy a house rather than building it on their own can contact lenders with the hope of getting some fund for their new property. People must know that, the rate of mortgage will depend on buyers’ income, savings and credit history. However, people with poor income and credit record can also avail the advantage through government-initiated plans.

Prepare plans and avail permits

People, who like to buy an existing house, prefer house that fits with their price range. If they decide to change the design of the house, they have to spend a good amount of money. However, people with intent of building a new one may have to fact less hurdles, as they can build their home as per as their choice on a new and fresh land.

While building a new house on a fresh land, the owner has to keep a few important things in mind, including the land inspection to ensure the safety of your new house. The next big thing you have to manage is a building permit that will be given by local building inspector’s office. However, the permit will only be given the building plan meets the building laws, set by the government.

Site inspection

Site inspection is one of the most important parts for building or buying a new house. The buyer of land or existing house should be well aware about the fact that the land must be situated on a location, with better sewerage facility and proper connectivity of electricity.

We also know that, digging and testing the quality of soil is also a part of site inspection. Hiring professionals would be the best choice you can make, because experience officials know all the important fact deeply. Before, buying any property, make sure that all taxes are clear for the property.

Look out for a robust construction

Starting the work of construction is the final and most desired task for any landowner. Along with the professional builders, there will be plumber and electrician who will work to ensure the utility service for the house. Make sure that natural gas lines and sewerage pipeline system are well connected with house.

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