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Posted on Oct 22 2013 - 1:08am by Gareth Walker

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If you’re getting ready to take your gaming seriously, there’s no doubting you’ve already sourced a custom-built PC, or the parts you need to build your own. With a custom-built PC, you can experience unprecedented graphics, high speeds and the advantage of knowing your computer inside and out – ideal for a professional level of gaming. However, it is not simply the system or software that sets apart the amateurs from the pros, but the equipment that goes with it too. Any gamer who takes their sport seriously will know that in order to become the ultimate gamer, they must be equipped with only the best gaming gear. You may have the computer and the skills, but do you have the additional equipment you need to make it to the top? Take a look at our list of gaming necessities.


What’s the point in having the best video card installed in your PC if you don’t have a good enough monitor to display the fantastic graphics? The monitor will not only look the part, complete with your unique computer, but will enable you to become enthralled in the game, if you take into account the resolution, flexibility, and IPS.


To ensure you’re focused entirely on the game, you’ll need high-quality surround sound to help you limit distraction. You should never simply rely on speakers that are built into your monitor, if you want to become the ultimate gamer, you need to be totally surrounded by the effects of the game. You need speakers that will enable you to hear every enemy approaching, and every cheer of victory.


Gaming at night? Don’t sacrifice your game play by turning your sound down for the neighbours – instead, invest in a headset that will allow you to continue your gaming experience at the volume you wish, while also supplying you the microphone to use to engage with your competitors.


To match the quality of your custom-built gaming PC, you’ll need a customisable gaming keyboard. Many gaming keyboards allow you to alter and move the keys around according to your preference, to allow you to play your game to the best of your ability. You’ll find keyboards with backlights for gaming in the dark, as well as keyboards designed specifically for certain games.


You need a mouse without a cord, with a long-lasting battery, to enable you uninterrupted gameplay. You’ll find most gaming mice allow you to program profile settings, so you can teach your mouse your techniques to speed up gameplay. High precision, low power and ultra-fast performance is what you should be looking for.

Right, so you’ve got the essential kit. Now for the fun stuff… Here are a few gadgets that you might not need to invest in, but probably should. They may be superfluous, but that’s not to say they’re not super fun.

Steampunk case

Steampunk is well and truly in right now, with every self-respecting hipster the world over owning at least one Victorian-influenced brass and wooden monolith to a bygone era. If you’re a fan of the archaic and the antediluvian, why not consider your own steampunk custom PC case? Designers such as the incredible Datamancer will be only too happy to oblige you, for the right price of course…

Mineral oil aquarium cooling system

While a steampunk PC case may be all style and very little substance, this next superfluous gadget actually has a function to perform! With a mineral oil aquarium cooling system, you’ll be able to keep your custom PC at a perfect operating temperature at all times, whilst watching the components bubbling away in a fish tank! Simply mount your hardware in the aquarium and you’ll never have to worry about fan noise again…

Sound-activated light kits

The above gadget ticks all the boxes: fun, functional and fiendishly expensive! If you think of yourself as a bit of a showman but don’t have a bottomless wallet, however, how about a set of sound-activated lights instead? Imagine letting go with a 50 cal on Battlefield 4 only to have every shot accompanied by a synchronised flash of light from your PC! Few experiences are more satisfying…

Retro SNES gamepad

Every gamer needs a controller with which to interact with their onscreen world. Forget the boring, contemporary Xbox and PS3 controllers, however – how about a blast from the past courtesy of this USB SNES-style gamepad? We think that’s a couple of quid well spent for a journey back to the world of Mario and Street Fighter, even if you might miss ergonomic hand grips, weighted triggers and analogue control sticks after a while…

Star Wars headset

What self-professed geek doesn’t adore the Star Wars franchise? Star Wars has brought us countless memorable games to accompany the brilliant movie series: from Episode One: Racer to Knights of the Old Republic. If you’re a die hard Lucasarts aficionado, you’ll love this Old Republic gaming headset by Razer. Not only do they look the part but they perform brilliantly, too!

Beauty and the Geek jeans

Who says that gaming and fashion are incompatible? Instead of sitting indoors and working on your gamer’s tan, why not strut your stuff in a pair of these stylish Beauty and the Geek jeans? Then, when you’re bored of turning heads, you can always head back home and get online with the help of your integrated mouse, keyboard and speakers. Just be careful that people standing behind you might know what you’re up to.

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