How To Be More Creative (Infographic)

Posted on Dec 11 2013 - 11:04am by Alexandra Ashton

Rules and regulations are some of the biggest deterrents to anyone trying to be creative. Somewhere along the way we unknowingly give up creativity and end up being ordinary good workers in society who follow instruction. This should not be the case. We can be great workers and individuals. Creativity provides that much needed spark that makes our lives just a little bit better than ordinary. And the best thing about it is that creativity can be learned. Yes, but unlike other learning processes, learning creativity requires you to apply creative thinking processes to your daily life. Research and studies on creativity have shown that creativity training programs that are well designed typically result in a gain in performance.

Research also shows that everyone possesses creative abilities. The more training, and the more diverse the training, the greater the potential you get on creative output. This results to a better quality of creative quantity. There is a long list of different ideas that have been developed over time to help harness your creative abilities. This cool infographic takes a look at some of the best ways to build and improve your creative process. Creativity is a process that can be managed.

As expected, it all begins with a foundation off knowledge, learning and mastering a discipline by being able to manipulate the way we think. Some of the processes that creatives implement include experimenting, exploring assumptions, using imagination and information synthesis. There is a saying that every great leader is a creative leader. Creativity requires you to discard traditional methods like memorization, reading, lecturing and testing for more unconventional methods that have been known to spark creativity. Follow this amazing infographic that goes through various ways in which you can be more creative as a person. It is often viewed as an unlearning process whereby you discard some basic principles that you have picked up in school or at work and going back to your basic learning instincts.


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