How People Are Visiting Your Business On Facebook?

Posted on Mar 30 2012 - 8:32am by Editorial Staff

The social giant has announced that Page administrators are about see their numbers take a big hit. Any metric that is based on Facebook check-ins will significantly decrease in the next few weeks. The major reason behind it is because Facebook is changing the way it takes a note of Page mentions on the social network, limiting every Facebook user to one check-in for every Page in 12-hour period. Here is how the social networking giant puts it:

We will be revising the total check-in number on Facebook Pages to provide a more accurate picture of how people are visiting your business. If someone checks into your business multiple times within a 12-hour period, that action will be counted as one unique check-in. Previously, if an individual checked into your business multiple times, each check-in was tallied toward your Page’s total number of check-ins.

When people tag their friends at your business location and upload a photo, those photo tags will be counted in aggregate. For example, if someone uploaded 20 photos to an album from a specific location, we’ll now count that as a single check-in. But if someone checks in to a location and tags five friends in the photo they upload with the check-in, the total check-ins number will be six—that person’s check-in plus those for their five friends.

(Image Source: Facebook-Studio)

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