How Not To Be a Spammer When Marketing Your Business

Posted on Oct 14 2013 - 11:08am by Editorial Staff


When it comes to marketing nothing can get better than Email marketing. However these days it is getting more and more difficult to avoid the sting of being blocked as an email spammer.

To avoid being tagged as a spammer you can follow these simple tips

It’s all about reputation

It was once believed that spam filters look closely at the content of the mail and hence things like Viagra FREE!! Etc. always managed to ring the spam bell, but contrary to previous belief it is in fact the reputation of the sender that triggers the alarm.

Bad email senders have their IP address and domain name on the record, where ISPs keep a record of email spammers. Big names like Yahoo, Google and Hotmail use various tools to keep a check on the sender’s reputation. If a recipient of an email clicks the report to spam button, then it affects the reputation of the sender of the email. If this happens for more than one in thousand recipients of the mail, then the sender is blocked as a spammer.

Email lists are important

If you have a shady email address list, you will be penalised heavily by ISPs. Most of these list that are sold out, have fake email address, and it is more likely a list of email addresses of people who have not agreed to receiving Email marketing mails, or advertising mails. These recipients are most likely to report your email as spam, and it is very important to avoid that.

The best way around this problem is to build your own clientele list of people who are open to receiving updates and news letters or even adverts. The whole idea behind it is not quantity but quality.

Dodgy content

Irrelevant messages often get thrown into the spam bin, and the sender is forever blocked as a spammer. To avoid this you can always make yourself clear in the ‘subject’ bar, where you can mention an engaging message to draw in the reader.

Avoid these rookie mistakes and you will soon find your business booming and subscriber list increasing.

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