How Does The Football Transfer Process Work?

Posted on Sep 10 2014 - 8:35am by Alexandra Ashton


Process of football transfer is not complex but surely is stressful. The whole process depends on good deciding. Scouts need to decide which players from the thousands they have seen play are the best mach for the team. Manager and the group of consultants need to decide which player from scouts’ shortlist is the winner.  It’s difficult to choose which cake you want to eat first, try deciding about people destinies. Most people would gnaw all their nails after first day of work if they were in their shoes.

Did you know that there are video scouting systems that provide video databases of around 160,000 players? Obviously scouts don’t eat or drink, all they do is watch players. Football is maybe the most important thing in the world, but it is still business. They also depend a lot on basic rule of supply and demand. This is why selling clubs can play potential buyers of against each other to get bigger transfer fee. That’s as clever as sneaky. It’s not easy to negotiate transfer or a transfer fee which is why there are couple of well known influences on transfer fees.

These influences can be player’s existing contract or his position in a team, player’s ability but also his age. It is clear that buying clubs will need to pay more for club captains and for leading scorers but did you know that they will pay more for younger player? Older players typically cost less, of course with a couple of exceptions. Next to the clubs and player, agents should also be very happy with the end of negotiations. Not only they get a percentage of player’s wage but they are also paid a fee by the buying club. This infographic will fill you in with the rest of the details about process of football transfer.


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