How All-Inclusive Branding Boosts Company’s Sales

Posted on Dec 9 2015 - 7:01am by Dan Radak

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When you hear the word brand, what is the first thing that crosses your mind? Is it a product? Is it a logo? Maybe a store? Actually, this term refers to all these business aspects. Although it is indeed sometimes used to describe a product or a company, brand comprises all the bits of a business that are related to its identity and presence on the market. It is the most important part of every company. Now you will see what pieces make an all-inclusive branding technique.

First-class website for better conversion

One of the difference-making features of modern businesses and their branding are their websites. This is your online shop window. So, what business owners should do is think of a shop window that would attract them to buy a product. When you have generated a mental image of a place that would nudge you to buy something there, just apply it to your website. Thanks to platforms such a WordPress, today you can start with a blog or a simple website with free themes. Only when your business needs exceed the possibilities given by such platforms should you hire design pros to create the entire website from scratch.

Present in the neighborhood and local community

Communicating and collaborating with your local people and other businesses is an inevitable part of every branding strategy. By including your business in different sports events and charity programs, you become a well-known member of the local community. Also, never underestimate the power of verbal marketing, especially on the local level. There is hardly a better place for the word-of-the-mouth marketing tactic than a close-knit local community. You can advertise your products and business in the local restaurants, barbershops and other similar stores. Also, always give your colleagues an extra hand of recommendation when they need it. If you scratch their back, they will scratch yours and you will all have more clients than before.

Spreading the written word

No matter if it is a local or a national level; branding campaigns driven by tangible branding materials generate better recognizability for a brand and its products. For example, you have started importing hairdryers and want your target audience to see you as someone who sells only first-class products. To gain such popularity, you have to print catalogues and distribute leaflets, as well as really sell great hairdryers. The worst thing you can do is advertise one thing and then sell something else.

Also, when you want to give your branding a tangible form, always go for printing services provided by experts in this field. They could even give you discounts for larger orders. Such a choice will spare you from doing the printing part on your own and might even save some of your money.

Guerilla branding

As the web market is getting jammed with hundreds of thousands of brands, many businesses are spreading their branding efforts to the offline area. Probably the most popular and efficient strategy of such branding is street tagging. Companies hire street artists to draw their logos on the walls of the buildings, the bridges, even directly on the streets. However, here you have to pay attention to the local regulations about the urban environment. Read about the pros and cons of such branding in the Guardian.

Everything you do with and about your business belongs to branding. Your popularity and image depend on each and every product you produce or import, as well as every single conversation your employees have with your clients. Just never stop researching and introducing new tactics to your branding and your business will keep advancing.

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