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Posted on Feb 3 2014 - 9:32am by Neal Bricker


When times are tough we all want to save money. Since energy is one of the major expenses for any household it’s one of the first areas we turn to in the quest to make savings. Of course we can take care of the basics like making sure our houses are properly insulated and draught-proofed, and we can turn down the thermostat by a few degrees and throw on an extra jumper.

Beyond those simple things though there are some technological solutions that can help you to stay in control of your household energy consumption and save cash.

Staying in Control

One of the key things when it comes to saving energy is understanding how much you’re using. Many of the big energy companies provide free electricity monitors that help you work out which devices in your home use the most power. This information can help you to adapt the way you use them – only using the washing machine when you have a full load for example or drying clothes outdoors rather than using the tumble drier. You should see a noticeable decline in costs after you use this device. People sometimes burn through energy in ways they didn’t realise. It can make a massive difference.

The new generation of smartmeters will take this process a step further, giving you the ability to compare your power consumption on a month by month or week by week basis. it goes without saying that if you are in need of cutting your energy bills then this is an indispensible tool.

New heating controls are coming on the market too. These allow you to control your heating remotely from a mobile phone so you don’t waste energy heating an empty house. They also ensure that you can have a warm house to come back to because you can simply text the boiler to switch on before you set off for home.

Choosing Appliances

There comes a time in all our lives when things need replacing. So if you have to buy a new fridge or washing machine make sure you look at the energy ratings and choose one that’s energy efficient. It doesn’t take a lot of research to get the information you need, but if you haven’t got the time then have a quick chat with the sales person.

This applies to simpler stuff like light bulbs too. Low energy bulbs may be expensive to buy but they last a lot longer and they’ll save you money on electricity over their lifetime. All you have to do is ignore the jokes about them being so dim that it’s as if the lights aren’t even on … you get used to it. If you don’t why not try the latest technologies like halogen and LED don’t suffer the slow warm-up times of earlier types and will deliver their full brightness when you flick the switch.

We all know about not leaving things like the TV on standby, but even with the best intentions it’s possible to forget. Technology can come to your aid here too as there are gadgets that will automatically switch things off and prevent you from leaving them on standby. You can get smart plugs too that can be switched on and off remotely. These are great value for money in the long run and you will definitely notice the difference when your bill comes in.

If you want to find out more about what you can do to save energy around the home then you can find information on the internet which offers lots of free advice and can be a great resource to anyone who is serious about saving their wallet and the environment.

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