Home Security System That Converts The iPhone Into A Burglar Alarm

Posted on Jul 23 2013 - 1:33pm by Jason Phillips

Advanced technology is not meant for everybody, taking into account that many homeowners still choose to protect their homes using old-fashioned techniques. Most of them consider that their dwellings are safe if they own a fierce dog, while others pay impressive amounts for the services of security companies. However, as time goes by, more and more people realize that high-tech home alarms are better solutions, thanks to the easiness and affordability that they provide. One of the latest high-tech home alarm systems recently launched at the CES in January is the iSmart Alarm. As part of the Indiegogo campaign, the device is a smart home security system that uses the iPhone to monitor home activity.


How do iSmart Alarm systems work?

The iSmart Alarm allows you to check whether your home is safe by using your iPhone. The components of this system can be combined according to your requirements, and consist of different contact sensors designed for doors or windows, cameras, and motion sensors. However, the head of this amazing device is CubeOne, a square gadget that can be plugged into any type of outlet and linked to a router.

This innovative device gives you the possibility to arm/disarm the entire system, as well as watch videos recorded live on your property or residence, identify positions of various remote tags, or receive pictures captured by the cameras installed in your home in case one of the sensors is activated. In other words, the iSmart alarm lets you to keep an eye on everything that happens within your property, even if you happen to be on another continent. This system is the ultimate solution in terms of portability, as you can install it on your own, without having to turn to security companies. This is one of the features that have managed to attract a lot of iPhone users that prefer to do everything on their own, without having to spend impressive amounts of money paying for useless services.

The iSmart Alarm uses wireless connectivity, thus providing a high level of safety. However, the best thing about this innovative alarm is that you can control it using an iPhone. Plus, controlling this gadget is simpler than you can imagine, and every little step is explained to you when you choose to purchase the package. Why opt for unaffordable security companies when you can simply turn your iPhone into an effective burglar alarm?

Turn to features that match your requirements

The iSmart Alarm is a perfect solution, as it allows users to combine the features they want. For example, the apps that don’t suit your needs can easily be skipped. Making your property burglar-proof has never been easier! All you have to do is connect CubeOne to the router and make sure that your wireless connection is activated.

This amazing home alarm system is designed especially to supervise and protect your home, as a result of the numerous burglaries registered in the last years. The iSmart Alarm guarantees that your property will never be targeted by burglars, allowing you to arm/disarm the system even when you’re not at home. Besides, it gives you the chance to switch off the lights, the garage door, or even the home theater system, in order to mislead potential burglars.

Does the iSmart Alarm provide you with the best protection?

When someone tries to enter your home, the system gets activated and sends a notification to your iPhone, sending five photos captured at a pre-established time interval. In only a couple of seconds, you will be aware of every movement identified on your property. The iSmart Alarm is also able to send a message to your relatives or phone contacts in case it notices unusual activity around your home. The system doesn’t imply any subscription fees, being a good choice for homeowners who are looking for the easiest way of protecting their homes.

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