Hollywood’s Best Gangster Portrayals

Posted on Oct 26 2015 - 7:01am by Alexandra Ashton

Everybody likes watching movies. No matter which genres of movies we like to watch, everybody will find something that would be perfect just for them. There are so many different genres of movies that even the pickiest types of people will find something for them. No matter if you like romance, comedy, science fiction or even some other genre you surely have your favourite movies. But, have you ever noticed that even though you maybe like to watch different genres of movies you still adore gangster movies. There is something about them that capture our attention and keep us asking for more. Can you honestly say that you have never been sucked in by the power of great gangster movie?

Through the years gangster movies have been modernised. They have moved on from the black and white era to the modern times and we loved them through all those changes. The guns, the suits, struggles, the betrayals and all the violence have managed to capture the fascination of their audience over and over again. Major reason for this affection we have for gangster movies are the gangsters themselves. We just love to hate them. No matter how mean or vicious they are, we just can’t help ourselves to watch and love this kind of movies.

But among all the mobsters we have seen in these movies, there are a couple we consider our favourites. These are the ones that will stay in our memories as amazing actors and even better characters. If you have ever watched The Untouchables then you know how amazing Robert De Niro was as Al Capone. This movie from 1987 will always be among all-time favourite mobster movies. Which one would you put on the list? Check out this great infographic to discover is your favourite mobster on this list.

Hollywood's Best Gangster Portrayals


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