Have You Been Injured At The Workplace? Here Is What To Do

Posted on Jan 6 2014 - 9:41am by Cally Greene


When a workplace accident occurs, most people do not know what to do next. This is usually as a result of lack of knowledge on the necessary steps to take. This article looks at what you need to do so that you gain the assistance you are entitled to following the accident and most probably reduce the likelihood of a similar accident happening. So, what should be your next step if you get injured on the job?

Make a Report to the Relevant Authorities:

Every company needs to have an accident book. As an employee, it is in your best interest to document any injury you have sustained in this book. This is because what you put down will serve as evidence later on. Be as detailed and as accurate as possible. Some of the details you need to record include the date and time of accident, place of occurrence, and type of injury sustained.

You also need to inform your employer within 120 days of the occurrence so that proper compensation procedures are put in place. Do not wait too long, because after 120 days, the employer will not be at any obligation to pay the workers compensation.

Get Medical Attention

You need to bring attention to your injury as quickly as possible. Inform a colleague immediately so that medical attention can be arranged. Do not ignore the injury because it may end up becoming serious. Some people ignore minor injuries, which later turn out to be fatal. If you have an in-house doctor, go for treatment immediately. The expert will help assess the extent of the injury and prescribe necessary treatment.

However, you need to be careful as who you go for medication. Always consult a doctor that has been employed and approved by the company you work with otherwise, you may have to pay the medical bill from your own pocket. You must visit the doctor within 90 days of sustaining the injury.

Find Out About Your Right to Get Compensated

When you were recruited, you must have signed a contract or a written statement that details the various terms of engagement. One of the clauses in the contract is about how a workplace accident has to be handled. Usually, employees are entitled to sick pay for the time spent away from work due to an accident. However, you need to find out the terms that are on the ground and what you expect from your employer. You may end up receiving more due to the nature of your injury.

Point Out any Health and Safety Issues

It is not a good idea for you to notice concerns about the working environment and just ignore them. You need to find a way to report the issue so that you do not put your life or that of another worker at risk. Make sure you talk to your employer or the safety representative in the company so that the necessary investigations are done and the problem rectified. This will also help the company to reduce any unnecessary damages.

Make a Work Accident Claim

If you have been injured at your work place and it is not your fault, you need to initiate a work accident claim as soon as possible. This should be within 3 years of the accident occurring. However, this period varies depending on the nature of the accident that has taken place.

Make Sure a Report on the Injury Has Been Submitted to the Insurance Company

This is the responsibility of the employer. He or a representative should fill out the “First Report of Occupational Injury” form, which is then sent to the insurance company. The insurance provider then files it with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. The provider has 21 days of which to accept or reject the claim.

Acceptance means that the provider is now responsible for your medical costs and any lost wages. However, you only qualify to get paid for the first 7 days of lost wages if you have been under the care of your doctor for 14 days or more.

Get Notification Whether the Employer has Accepted Responsibility

When an accident happens, the employer needs to accept or deny responsibility. Acceptance means that he or she will compensate you for the injuries sustained. Denial means that you may not get the compensation, which then requires you to file a workers’ compensation claim petition for the injury. When it comes to this, make sure you work with a professional attorney to help you get what you deserve.

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