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Posted on Jan 10 2019 - 2:39pm by Editorial Staff

If you find yourself in a situation where you need some extra storage and your current home or business storage just does have the space that you require, you may need to look down the route of a storage solution. If you have never looked into finding a storage space before, you may be feeling a little lost and not sure where to start. This guide will help you get up to speed with all things storage and ensure that you find what you need with the least amount of hassle. Consider these aspects:

How Much Space Do You Need?

Don’t just look at the surface area of a particular toom that you are trying to put into storage as you have to remember that a square storage unit will be able to be piled high, therefore you won’t necessarily need the same amount of floor space that you currently have. The bigger you need, the more that the cost will be and also consider that there are restrictions with items that can be stored. For this reason, check with the storage centre to see what their criteria is. If you only require a small amount of storage space then search for ‘mini storage near me’ online to see what the best options available local to you are.

Speak to the Experts

If you are in any doubt of the type of storage that you need, it is worth contacting the experts directly. They will have a vast amount of experience and therefore will be able to help you accordingly. They are on hand to assist you with loading your items into the unit and can provide advice on how best to load your unit in order to avoid hazards.

Arriving at The Unit

As we’ve mentioned, don’t be tempted to load your storage unit randomly, you need to be well organised. Try to use the space wisely i.e. load boxes right up to the corners, whilst making sure that the heaviest items are at the bottom. If you may require access to specific items whilst in store, be sure to place in a position so that are easily accessible. Bear in mind that storage centres will have different units, so try to avoid going at busy times so that you can access the unit with ease. 


Remember that your items still need to be insured and some storage centres may offer content insurance, however in most cases your home insurance policy will offer some form of ‘goods in transit’ cover. This however will not cover you for your items once they are in the storage unit, unless your policy states otherwise, therefore you may need to look into getting separate insurance to cover your goods when in storage.

Protection for Your Items

Some storage facilities will have 24-hour CCTV which gives you the peace of mind that your items are safe and secure. In some cases there are also 24-hour security guards who also patrol the storage centre.

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