Has Apple Crumbled? (Infographic)

Posted on Nov 29 2013 - 4:21pm by Editorial Staff

When it comes down to whether Apple is crumbling under new leadership or not, it seems a bit early to say that “crumbling” is the correct description. Instead, it seems to be the case that Apple is undergoing a shift in leadership, and the learning curve that comes with such a shift. Different CEOs have different ways of handling business, running a company, dealing with their employees, and relating to the community.

Popularly, it seems that Tim Cook is quite well loved both by customers and employees alike. There is currently an auction happening that will allow the winner to have a cup of coffee with Tim Cook. While this meeting is valued at around $50,000, the current bid is up to $400,000. While there is no estimate for what a meeting like that would have gone for had Steve Jobs been the subject, it’s clear that Tim Cook is quite popular.

Employees love him, customers’ love him, and clearly one person really wants to have a cup of coffee with him. But it’s too soon to say whether or not Apple is crumbling under its new leadership, or merely adjusting to a different style.

Has Apple crumbled

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