Government Panel Filed ‘Early Warnings’ Over New Internet Names

Posted on Nov 22 2012 - 6:14am by Editorial Staff

Back in June, Internet advisory organization ICANN unveiled a huge list of companies, including Apple, Google and Microsoft who are eager to register custom generic top-level domains (gTLDs). The British publication BBC today reporting that over the decision government panel has filed objections against over 250 domains, means if comes into more strong affect, will lead to withdraw application.

The government body name Government Advisory Committee (GAC) has filed its “Early Warnings,” explaining issues that have “overtly negative or critical connotations” with geographic registrations, associations with words. For an instance, Amazon proposed to register .app, .book, .cloud, and 23 other domains criticised.

This is how GAC explains:

Amazon EU S.à r.l. is proposing to exclude any other entities, including potential competitors, from using the TLD – restricting common generic strings for the exclusive use of a single entity could have unintended consequences, including a negative impact on competition.

Early warnings provide a mechanism to initiate a discussion between a government and an applicant on particular issues or questions. It is intended that a constructive dialogue through this process will assist applicants to better understand the concerns of governments, and help governments to better understand the planned operation of proposed gTLDs.

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