Gorgeous Architecture On A Budget – Is It Possible?

Posted on Oct 17 2016 - 7:42pm by Editorial Staff


We often associate beautiful architecture and incredible design with high cost. Aside from the cost of designing the property, unique – often unusual – designs can be difficult to build, which means they will also be more expensive than the more conventional architecture designs. Is that really the case? The answer is a big NO and we’re going to review how you can still have gorgeous architecture on a budget right here in this article.

Think Ahead

One of the keys to having a beautifully designed building, whether it is a home or a commercial space, is thinking ahead. There are always ways to save on labour and material costs regardless of the design of the property. What’s important is taking those ways to save into consideration when designing the property.

Some designs are more difficult to build than the others, which means more time is needed to build them. This translates to more man hours and higher labour costs. To offset the increased costs, choosing materials correctly can really help.

Take extra measures to avoid problems during the project. Recheck the design to make sure that all parts of the property can be built without a hitch. Mistakes are often the costliest parts of a project and avoiding them can really help you save a lot.

Work with Experienced Specialists

Another great way to keep the project affordable is to work with specialists in different fields. More importantly, work with specialists and experienced technicians based near the project.

I can always find tradesmen near me easily whenever I start a new project. I then rely on their experience to find more affordable materials and to work on solutions that will help turn the design I have in mind into reality more affordable.

The same approach can be used on your projects too. An experienced builder, for instance, will know where to find the best materials. An experienced carpenter can help you get high quality wood with a beautiful finish without breaking your budget.

No savings are too small. Small savings on different parts of the project could mean a lot once you review them as a whole.

Take Advantage of More Discounts

We’ve mentioned how no savings are too small to pursue, especially when it comes to turning a beautiful architectural design into reality on a relatively limited budget. It is time to really put that tip into practice.

As you start working on a budget for the project, take the extra time to find discounts, special offers and more ways to save. Work with local suppliers to reduce transportations cost. Don’t hesitate to ask for a discount; this alone could land you an additional 5% off the quoted price on materials.

You can even try to repurpose stuff from various sources. Instead of using brand new tiles for the kitchen, for instance, you can use repurposed glass and get the same beautiful finish for a fraction of the cost.

Go through the necessary steps and find more ways to save. You will be able to hit your target budget without a problem. Now that you can keep the project within budget, it is time to start building your dream property.

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