Google’s VP Advises ‘Go Big’ In Vision

Posted on Apr 23 2012 - 8:28am by Editorial Staff

Google’s vice president of corporate development David Lawee while onstage at the DEMO conference in Santa Clara, US told VentureBeat about his responsibilities at the search giant, his past experiences and a lot more. Talking about his past, he actually started (and sold) four companies himself as an entrepreneur. He started by putting up his first advice for all is to “Go Big” in your vision.

Mentioning two of the companies biggest buys, Android and YouTube, Lawee said, “These were extraordinary entrepreneurs who had a huge vision with what they wanted to achieve, and they achieved it with Google… it was an alignment of vision.”

Talking about the recent Facebook’s buying Instagram for $1 billion, Lawee explained that he had worked with Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom in the past. “The challenge is, a lot of people describe that acquisition as being analogous to YouTube…. Fundamentally, they had a different vision than we had at Google doing Google Video.”

He continued to explain, “When you acquire these companies and you have visionary founders, you either believe in them or you don’t.” And when the founders have that ideological buy-in from the acquiring company, he said, “That is very intoxicating. They’re getting everything they want.”

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