Google’s Street View To Arrive In Israel On April 22

Posted on Apr 17 2012 - 8:08am by Editorial Staff

Globes reports that the search giant has announced that it will launch Street View in Israel next week on April 22. The Street View consists of street-based photography collection which will include images from a number of major cities and the country’s famous Dead Sea. Street View Israel will include images of the streets of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa and other locations in the country, including the Dead Sea, Kinneret (Israeli’s largest fresh water lake), and historic cities Nazareth and Mitzpe Ramon.

Google’s Street View service has been criticized sharply in several countries. Objections have been raised claiming that Street View cameras have photographed people’s faces and vehicle license plates, and demands have been made for such photos to be blurred. In some places in Europe, citizens have blocked off roads, trying to stop Street View camera crews from entering.

Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported, the Justice Ministry says Street View users in Israel will be offered an efficient, reliable way to blur images of license plates, places of residence and other objects. The company has also been asked to provide a full detail of the Street View service, rights of citizens, and routes that the camera crews plan to follow. The ministry has also demanded that Google instruct Google Israel to heed legal proceedings in the country. The company has also promised not to dispute criminal claims that might be raised against Street View by arguing that the Law, Information and Technology Authority lacks standing to prosecute criminal claims against the company in Israel.

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