Google’s Schmidt To India: Invest In An Open Internet In the Country

Posted on Mar 20 2013 - 2:09am by Editorial Staff

First the North Korea with plans to visit Myanmar on chart, today Google’s Eric Schmidt continued showed off his interest towards Asian internet focus. The Times of India reported that Schmidt challenges India to invest in an open internet showing that the company makes deeper impact into both national and international policy issues.

“Now is the moment for India to decide what kind of internet it wants for them” Schmidt writes. “An open internet that benefits all or a highly regulated one that inhibits innovation.”  This is not the first time for the Google’s head that come forward and put up his way of talk, but on the whole what Schmidt mentioned is really an important point towards the way how internet makes it place in different parts of the world.

The question Schmidt raised really makes a true correct vision if we try to dig even deeper into in it as if we think of the moment in which we are living now, just imagine what would be the scenario in next ten years, there will definitely comes on a moment when it will be difficult to share the next generation in the country that what internet was now.

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