Google’s Revenue Projections Revealed In Google-Oracle Trial

Posted on Apr 26 2012 - 7:49am by Editorial Staff

With Google and Oracle trial going on, a lot of information is coming outside – first the Google’s Android revenue numbers for 2012 followed by Google’s plans to subsidized $9.99 plan for its Android phones and now more revealing information coming out which says that the company anticipated ad income from Google TV would help propel its non-search revenue to account for more than a third of its annual income by 2013, as Reuters reports:

Google Inc projected in 2010 it would get more than 35 percent of its 2013 revenue from outside its flagship search operation, anticipating three non-search businesses, including commerce, would generate more than $5 billion each, according to internal company documents filed in court.

The company’s predictions for 2013 included:

  • Total revenue for the year would reach $55 billion, with $34 billion from search
  • YouTube would generate $5 billion (buoyed by $3 billion generated via Google TV)
  • Commerce — sales of digital content and mobile payments and product ads — would account for $5 billion
  • Android would bring in $3.7 billion, thanks primary to music
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