Google’s New Patent Will Serve You Ads Based On Your Phone Calls Background Noise

Posted on Mar 22 2012 - 4:50am by Editorial Staff

Have you ever wondered that you will be served with advertisements based on the background noise of your phone calls? If no, than make your mind to say yes as this is what the case with Google’s latest patent. The patent discusses the technology to analyze the background noise during your phone call and serve up ads based on the environmental conditions.

The patent titled, “Advertising based on environmental conditions”, states:

A computer-implemented method comprising: receiving, from a computing device, a search request comprising (i) information about a first environmental condition of the computing device, and (ii) one or more search terms; parsing the search request; selecting, from the search request based on parsing, the information about the first environmental condition; identifying an advertisement based on the first environmental condition and at least one of the one or more search terms; providing the advertisement to the computing device; receiving one or more of an audio signal, an image signal, or a video signal from a sensor of the computing device; and determining a second environmental condition based on the one or more of the audio signal, the image signal, or the video signal.

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