Google’s $700 Million Asia Data Center Project Is On Final Roll As Work Begins In Taiwan Site

Posted on Apr 3 2012 - 7:39am by Editorial Staff

The Next Web reports that the search giant has started off the development of its planned data center in Taiwan. Google has already begun the constructing work in both Hong Kong and Singapore and now with the current work which is estimated on $300 million in Taiwan underway, results in entering it into the final stage of the project, which it estimates will cost a total of $700 million. The data center is aiming for testing in the second half of next year. Once ready, it will employ 25 full-time staff, with expected number of both part time as well as contract positions.

Daniel Alegre, President of APAC Google, explained that the region’s growing Web population is a focus for the firm:

More new Internet users are coming online everyday here in Asia than anywhere else in the world.  That is why we are building data centers in Asia – to ensure that our users here have the fastest, most reliable access possible to all of our services, so they can continue putting them to work.

A spokesperson explained the details to The Next Web:

One way we’ll increase efficiency here that’s unique among our global fleet of data centers is through the use of a nighttime cooling and thermal energy storage system. We’ll do this by efficiently cooling large quantities of water at night, while temperatures are low and power more plentiful, storing it in insulated tanks where it will retain its temperature.

During the day, when Taiwan heats up — especially in the summers — and power is more expensive to produce, we’ll circulate that cold water throughout the facility to keep it cool.

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