Google Voice For Android Gets ICS Voicemail Integration

Posted on Mar 23 2012 - 5:58am by Editorial Staff

Seems like finally yummy Ice Cream Sandwich season is here as Google in the latest in the line-up has updated Google Voice for Android to integrate with the Andriod 4.0 dialer in the Google Play Store. With the update, you can now integrate it with your dialer so you won’t have to leave your missed calls list to check voicemail. To turn this feature on, download the latest app from Google Play and check “Voicemail display” under settings. This new feature requires Android 4.0+.

In Google’s own words:

So, today, we’re updating our mobile app so you can view and listen to your voicemails on demand directly from the call log on your Android phone. Your voicemails will appear alongside your outgoing, incoming, and missed calls in your phone’s call log and you can just simply touch them to play them. You can slow down the playback of the message which is great for when someone is telling you their callback number, or you even speed playback up, so you can quickly listen to longer messages.

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