Google Ventures ‘Year In Review’ For 2012 Report (Infographic)

Posted on Dec 19 2012 - 10:49am by Editorial Staff

Google Ventures has released its “Year In Review” for 2012 report, bringing together the big numbers stating on what sectors the group invested in the year. In the past twelve months, Google Ventures invested 63% in mobile and internet companies, 37% commerce, life science, energy and big data.

Posted by General Partner David Krane, the infographic discuss that the company invested 32% of its funds in mobile, 31% in consumer internet, 16% in commerce, 10% in big data, 6% in life science and 5% in energy. The final numbers are like this: In 2012 Google Ventures grew across the board to $300 million per year, with team grew to 60 people, and the number of companies funded grew to over 150.

Google Ventures 'Year In Review' 2012

Google Ventures ‘Year In Review’ 2012

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