Google Ventures Expands Fund By 50% To $300 Million A Year

Posted on Nov 10 2012 - 4:37am by Editorial Staff

Google has shared its first big numbers yesterday of its Google Ventures dedicating $1.5 billion investing in start-ups, with expanding fund by 50% to $300 million a year, from the past $200 million. Discussing about the news, Google Ventures Managing Partner Bill Marris has say: “Our mission has always been to find and invest in the most disruptive and interesting founders, and we want to do more of this. The summit yesterday brought together more than 250 entrepreneurs from across our 130+ portfolio companies.” So what’s next, will it be your start-up getting funded, buzz the Google Ventures people and see how you do comes in their pace of selection.

(Image Source: Google Ventures Blog)

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