Google Tops The Chart Beating Apple, Facebook And Twitter In Consumer Favorability Poll

Posted on Apr 11 2012 - 5:32am by Editorial Staff

According to a poll jointly commissioned by ABC News and the Washington Post of 1,007 adults, 82 percent of survey respondents had a favorable opinion of Google, compared to 74 percent for Apple. 53 percent of respondents said their opinion of Google was “strongly” favorable, compared to only 37 percent for Apple. Apple had a slightly higher percentage of respondents – 13 and 14 percent who viewed the company as “unfavorable” or had “no opinion”. Both companies are particularly strong amongst the affluent: according to the survey, 93 percent and 91 percent of those making more than $100,000 annually had favorable opinions of Google and Apple, respectively. Google’s winning over younger audiences currently, with 92 percent favorability among those under 30, compared to 81 percent favorability for Apple among those under 30.

This poll also asked about Twitter and Facebook favorability, and while Facebook trailed Apple and Google (58 percent indicated a favorable opinion of Facebook, with 28 percent having an unfavorable opinion), it did a lot better than Twitter. Only 34 percent of respondents had a favorable opinion of Twitter, with 36 percent having unfavorable feelings towards the microblogging service and 31 percent not having any opinion at all. Among those under 30, only 42 percent had favorable opinions for Twitter, while 43 percent having unfavorable opinions.

(Image Source: Langer Research)

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