Google Releases Chrome 24 Beta, Counting It As The Fastest Browser

Posted on Nov 9 2012 - 4:42am by Editorial Staff

With bringing Chrome version 23 two days back, the company now announced version 24 which is in beta stage for Windows, Mac and Linux. Google stated that the new version 24.0.1312.5 would be faster than before. The following are the changes Google listed:

  • CSS custom filters have landed behind a flag. They enable sweet cinematic effects like page flipping with just CSS and HTML. You can turn them on with chrome://flags.
  • Chromium now parses the autocomplete attribute according to spec. Use it to specify which type of saved user data the browser should use to prefill input elements. Examples are name and street-address.
  • A few brand new features landed with a prefix: -webkit-hyphens gives you more control over hyphenation at line breaks, and -webkit-clip-path enables you to clip DOM content to an SVG shap. APIs un-prefixed include: IndexedDB, Intl, postMessage, requestAnimationFrame, and

If you want to have the taste of this new version, you need to switch to the channel here.

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