Google May Face Fine Over Safari Privacy Bypass Issue

Posted on Apr 17 2012 - 10:37am by Editorial Staff

What it seems to be is that Google soon to be end up with paying another fine. If you remember the Safari probe that Google and publisher faces back in March. The US FTC is expected to decide during the next 30 days that whether to fine the internet giant or not for bypassing user privacy settings in Apple’s Safari Web browser. The FTC is reportedly looking into whether the Google’s action violated a 2011 settlement agreement between the agency and the company over privacy concerns. If it found guilt fine could reach $16,000 a day.

A Google representative defended the company’s behavior as “[providing] features that signed-in Google users had enabled.” However, the Safari browser contained functionality that then enabled other Google advertising cookies to be set on the browser, Google spokesperson Chris Gaither told CNET. “We will of course cooperate with any officials who have questions.”

The search giant recently been fined $25,000 for impending a US investigation into the data collection for its Street View project. The project allows users to see street level images when they map a location. The FCC imposed by fine by saying that Google had collected personal information without permission and had then deliberately not cooperated with the FCC’s investigation.

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