Google Maps Adds A Street View Of The Grand Canyon, Displaying Over 9.500 Panoramic Views

Posted on Feb 1 2013 - 12:37pm by Editorial Staff

Google today added a Street View of the Grand Canyon (via its Google Maps), means now whether you are planning for an upcoming hike or want to learn more about the Earth’s geological history, Google Maps can help you out. The new update includes interactive images covering over 75 miles of trails and surrounding roads. The site view includes the famous Bright Angel Trail, mighty Colorado River and exploring scenic overlooks in full 360-degrees with South Kaibab Trail and to drive through to see Meteor Crater.

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“This breathtaking imagery collection was made possible with the Trekker. Our team strapped on the Android-operated 40-pound backpacks carrying the 15-lens camera system and wound along the rocky terrain on foot, enduring temperature swings and a few muscle cramps along the way. Together, more than 9,500 panoramas of this masterpiece of nature are now available on Google Maps,” said Google.

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