Google Makes Your Mobile Search Faster, Brings Expandable Site Links, ‘Quick View’ Badge

Posted on Apr 17 2013 - 2:13am by Editorial Staff

Google today announced that it has speed up its mobile search site with introducing two new features: expandable site links and experimental “Quick View” badge. Starting with expandable site links, the company explain this by giving an example of Rotten Tomatoes by saying that if you want to check out Rotten Tomatoes for a new movie, you now only need to look for a new quick link for “In Theatres” underneath the main Rotten Tomatoes link when you search on your mobile phones, letting you get a specific section quickly.


The second feature “Quick View” badge which you will notice around in blue color near some searches next to a few results. For example, you are new to poker or want to try your hands on the game by refreshing on hands, all you need to do is just search for “poker hands” and you can now clock on the blue badge and see a quick view of the Wikipedia page listing out the poker hands at par.


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