Google Launches Public Alerts In Japan, Offers Information During Crisis

Posted on Mar 7 2013 - 1:13pm by Editorial Staff


With about 5,000 earthquakes knocked up Japan every year, it is always important for the country to have such a system on board before any crisis comes into existence. In order to make the country people alerted on time, Google today launched its Public Alerts, its first international expansion of a service which Google debuted last year in the United States. The Public Alerts system is a platform the search giant designed in order to provide an accurate and relevant emergency alerts when and where you are searching for them online.

“We hope our technology, including Public Alerts, will help people better prepare for future crises and create more far-reaching support for crisis recovery. The devastating Tōhoku Earthquake struck Japan only two years ago, and the region is still slowly recovering from the tragedy,” the post — written by Partner Technology Manager Yu Chen states.”We’re able to provide Public Alerts in Japan thanks to the Japan Meteorological Agency, whose publication of data enables Google and others to make critical and life-saving information more widely available.”

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