Google Is About To Begin Testing Its Mystery ‘Entertainment Device’

Posted on Feb 4 2012 - 7:02am by Editorial Staff

Gigaom uncovered Google’s application to FCC to test a new device in December last year – what we learnt from the application is that the search engine giant, Google has asked the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) for permission to use an undisclosed new “entertainment device” – this is what application states, in four major cities over the period of next six months.

The application indicated that Google asked to test 252 devices between January 17 through July 17 in Mountain View,Calif.; New York, Cambridge, Mass. and Los Angeles. Its employees will have them, so maybe you can hit a Google employee’s home to watch the Super Bowl and then start sniffing around – while details of what the actual device is aren’t included in the application.

The device could be a way for people to grab video content from the Internet and distribute it to all the mobile devices – results in benefiting that it wouldn’t slow down the connection for anyone else on the network.

Here’s the Goole’s purpose of operation stated in the Application:

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