Google Introduces Recent ‘Local’ Searched Across Your Mobile Devices

Posted on Mar 6 2012 - 8:33am by Editorial Staff

Google in an urge of adding “experiences” to the people’s life has added a number of features such as places and flight information to its iOS and Android search homepage over the past months with a new add-on name as recent search results. The feature will account in such a way that if you say search for a restaurant or any venue on your computer after signing into your account, the “recent” tab on the Google homepage on your phone will show you the last searches you had done.

Here’s the idea in Google’s own words:

We provide this new convenience feature for users who have Web History enabled and are logged into Google when doing their search. Start by searching for a place on your PC or other devices, then login to’s mobile homepage and check the Recent icon. Information about previously searched places will be available under the Recent icon for about a day.

Next time you are heading to a place you have recently searched for, no need to worry if you can’t remember the address or phone number. Just go to on your smartphone and tap on the “Recent” icon. We hope you find this new feature useful!

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