Google Discusses Glass Security & Privacy Questions Along With Other FAQs

Posted on Jul 3 2013 - 12:10pm by Editorial Staff

Google Glass

With Google’s Project Glass privacy concerns is at par still, the company has posted Glass FAQ’s tackling policy and technology concerns. Introducing first (again) that what Glass actually is? the company defines well saying that it is a “new device and platform for people to use the technology they know and love.”

The company with the medium of frequently asked questions has divided the answer course into four sections: General Glass questions, Glass Specs questions, Glass Security & Privacy questions and Glass Software questions.

On answering about what information does Glass collect about its users? The company says that “We’re all about keeping your information safe, secure and always available when you want it. People interested in our privacy policy can find it here. And we give you control over the information you share with Google.”

Over what information is shared with third-party application developers? The company says that before you add Glassware, you’ll see the device-level permissions that Glassware obtains when used with Glass. If you don’t feel comfortable with the permissions it requests, you can simply cancel installation.

While for how does Glass protect users in the event that Glass is lost or stolen, the company added that “We take security very seriously, and we put simple but strong protections in place for Glass users. If a device is lost or stolen, you can use your Google account to sign into your MyGlass page–either via the web or the MyGlass app on your smartphone–and initiate a remote wipe of all data stored on Glass.”

Added further, “you can also remotely turn off different Glassware (services written for Glass) like Gmail, Twitter and Google+ from your MyGlass page while if the device is lost, you can use “remote location” to help you find it.  We are currently experimenting with several possible “lock” solutions for Glass to further protect users and will have something in place before a wider consumer launch.”

To read the complete question-answers round, click here.

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