Google Demonstrates Live Skydiving Demo Of Google Glass Explorer Edition: $1500, Only For US-based I/O Attendees

Posted on Jun 27 2012 - 6:38pm by Editorial Staff

Well, that was unexpected happens today at Google’s I/O 2012 event, company’s Sergey Brin come out on stage as Moscone West all of sudden in order to deliver a demo of Google Glass and what makes the whole demo was interesting, two things: first involvement of Google+ hangout conducted through their connected eyewear and it is a live skydiving demo. “Being able to share what you’re seeing is amazing,” Brin said.

Total of four skydivers all equipped with Google Glass jumps off the plane skydiving towards the ground over the company’s Moscone West building. The video quality in the hangout is pretty awesome. Followed by this, bikers crew performed some flips off with two people took the Glass on a ride and come on stage while still being on bike.

Ending with Google revealed a little more about the Glass and how it will be useful to the people, initiative is good, but clear picture will comes when we see its large scale value in coming time. The Glass also captures video clips, although they appear to be very short nearly about three seconds. The Glass is available for pre-order, and available only for US-based I/O attendees as of now. It will cost $1,500 and will be shipped only early-next year.

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