Google Bringing More Secure Search Around The Globe, Expands SSL Encryption To Local Domains

Posted on Mar 6 2012 - 5:41am by Editorial Staff

Google in an urge to bring more secure search around the globe, the search giant expands SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption to its local domain making the web a more secure. Earlier, last year, Google introduced SSL encryption to search made through and with this now the company hopes it will even motivate other companies also to adopt SSL in a more broader manner.

The announcement, from Google Software Engineer, Michael Safyan:

Several months ago we made a change to our default search experience on — when you’re signed into Google, we add SSL encryption to increase the privacy and security of your web searches. The change encrypts your search queries and our search results page, which is particularly important when you’re using an open, unsecured Internet connection.

We’re now ready to expand this protection, so over the next few weeks we will begin introducing SSL search beyond to our local domains around the globe. As before, we hope that these efforts to expand the use of SSL encryption in our services motivate other companies to adopt SSL more broadly.

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