Google Boosts Bonuses For Finding Chrome Bugs By $1,000 Or More

Posted on Aug 16 2012 - 9:15am by CONTRIBUTOR

Editor’s Note: Guest Author Pradeep Yadav, a technology lover, analyzer and  love reporting about different technologies.

In order to make things work out for Google’s Chrome bugs fixation, according to Google’s Chrome blog that, its Chrome bugs are doing harder to find, and it’s planning to make it worth developers’ while to look closer. The Company saying the move was prompted by a decline in vulnerabilities submitted by outsiders.

Chrome software engineer Chris Evans said that “Recently, we’ve seen a significant drop-off in externally reported Chromium security issues,” and he post to the Chromium Blog “This signals to us that bugs are becoming harder to find.” Evans outlined new bonuses that Google will award researchers who report certain kinds of flaws. All the bonuses start at $1,000 but can climb from there.

Google will add the bonuses to the base payments that have been declared “stable.” Base rewards tend to be $500 or $1,000, but “extraordinary” contributions have sometimes netted $10,000 or more. Chrome official browsers and the bug rewards are paid by Google, which gave out a total of $11,500 when Chrome 20 was released.

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