Give Up The Christmas Consumerism And Adopt Simplicity

Posted on Jan 6 2014 - 9:32am by Tom Anderson


Yesterday after coming up from shopping I was trying to manage the budget which extremely got upset. Lot of money was wasted upon useless items like party decoration, on cheesy food items, special ornamentation and expensive gifts. Constant holidays also caused the budget stress. I was wondering that either Christmas event is only based on these materialistic things?  Do we have none other ways to celebrate Christmas decently? Or yuletide joys are limitized only on these things? What would happen if we bought few necessary items to celebrate the contentment? Don’t you think the message of Christmas is just hidden behind these materialistic things?

Decent Ways to Celebrate the Joys

Well the budget was being upset unfortunately. But for future I was planning to celebrate the real contentment of Christmas in decent and simple ways. Mostly people celebrate the Christmas joys by decorating their places, arranging night parties, dance enjoyments in bars and casinos and enjoying all delicious food items. And to tell you the truth, I also celebrate Christmas like above mentioned ways. But from now, I decided to bring change. So I discussed with my friends about some elegant ways to celebrate this laudable event in laudable way. So at the Christmas day the first planning was to visit the church like always. Spent half of the day in praying and caroling. Father told us about Christmas origin, its basic and all important incidents. I felt relaxed and fortunate to being a part of Christian society.

Gift Giving to Poor

Don’t you think it’s wrong tradition to present expensive gifts to the people who have already loads of money and unusual things? Why we don’t present gifts to that poor people who are actually in need and wants our help and sympathy. The character of Santa Clause is a proof of that. St. Nicholas who is now called Santa clause helped other poor and needy people silently. He helped a poor man silently because he was not able to give dowry to his daughters. So these teachings are good enough to tell what is good and what is bad. So we thought to present all those expensive hampers to poor children. In which chocolates, cookies, biscuits, small bands, some paintings, and some beautiful Jesus and Mary’s photos on canvas which were appreciated remarkably. I want this tradition to prevail throughout the world of gift presenting to innocent and poor ones, instead of already rich people.

Arrange small tours

If you are passing through the budget stress like me, then I would recommend you to arrange low budget tours. If you are living in a commercial area, then most probably some entertaining events and exhibitions arrange in your area. Go with your family members and enjoy the real contentment. We planned to go to a nearby parks and picnic spots. After that we travelled towards beach and enjoyed roasted chicken with wine. On the way of home, we passed in front of a small photo studio. We thought to make a group photo here with beautiful Christmas background and thought to print this photo on cheap canvas prints and commemorated our memories in this wonderful way.

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