GetResponse Vs. Hubspot – Which Is Better And Why?

Posted on Nov 30 2016 - 2:11pm by Editorial Staff

GetResponse and Hubspot are both fantastic marketing automation platforms and both can be a great help to any online marketing business. Both are feature rich, powerful tools to guide and aid you in driving your business. One has to dig a bit deeper and do a fair amount of research in order to understand the differences between the two platforms. Much will depend on the nature and structure of your business but there are certain features that may cause you to look at one in a slightly better light than the other.

Let’s look at what they designed to do.

GetResponse is an e-mail marketing service that provides online solutions for small to medium business.


Hubspot have positioned themselves as an inbound marketing company and leading CRM integration tool.


Looking at a few specifics:


It is very hard to compare apples with apples as both platforms offer a variety of options and add-on charges, depending on what features you wish to use. The bottom line however is GetResponse does offer the more affordable packages. Another benefit they offer is you are not tied into any long-term contracts with GetResponse, unlike with Hubspot.

E-Mail Marketing

While considered by many to be an out-dated means of marketing e-mail still offers excellent reach at a really low cost.

Hubspot provides a powerful engine to drive and analyse your e-mail marketing campaign.

GetResponse offers an all-encompassing tool to deliver and measure e-mail marketing, integrating into mobile platforms to grow sales.

Landing Page Builders

Both platforms offer this essential, basic service.

Hubspot lets you create quick, bright landing pages that are mobile compatible. They include a call-to-action response to maximise conversions. It is easy to customise the content and the page will be SEO ready.

GetResponse could not make the process more simple and fast. Select one of the many great templates, add in the content and you are ready to go, as easy as that.

Webinar Creators

Webinars are becoming an increasingly popular means of interacting online with potential customers.

Hubspot have developed a popular product they call GoToWebinar. The tool integrates into Hubspots system and they offer a fee 30 day trial.

GetResponse has an easy to use webinar tool that will grow your audience by e-mail as well as social media platforms. This will allow you to engage with the audience to generate solid leads.

Customer Service

When working on platforms such as these, it is important to know that you have access to quality customer care and technical support at all times.

Hubspot provides access to teams of support staff across their platform. They can be reached through web support, telephone, call back or knowledge base. The team members are knowledgeable and helpful

GetResponse are also known for great customer support. The have multi language e-mail assistance, telephone support (normal business hours) and a brilliant 24/7 online chat service where you are assisted by a live operator.

That is merely a comparison on some of the features these platforms offer. There are many more with new applications being developed on an on-going basis. They both offer great tools and services to help small and medium business develop and grow their online presence and improve reach and sales. They both offer easy to use applications and both have good customer support and technical support.

When you look at each aspect closely, you will notice that in the majority of cases, GetResponse edges ahead of Hubspot. Pricing, as well as the contractual obligation requited by Hubspot, is one of the main issues. GetResponse is simply more affordable. Add to that the advantages on their service, landing page builder, webinar tool and e-mail marketing, the choice to go GetResponse, in most circumstances, will be clear.

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