Get Romantic At Belize’s Hamanasi Resort

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If you’re searching for a romantic getaway for your honeymoon or, perhaps, a unique place to hold your wedding, Belize’s Hamanasi resort may be the place for you. Located near the village of Hopkins on 21 acres of coastal forest, Hamanasi gives you the best of both worlds, featuring beach activities, reef exploration, and cultural adventure for those who want to venture inland for frolicking and fun.

In addition to five-star amenities, Hamanasi has an a la carte menu of romantic perks, including couples massages, video to record your nuptials, and a private beach setting on a night you specifically choose.


Hamanasi resort has a smorgasbord of scrumptious Caribbean-inspired fare for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Whether you prefer seafood, chicken, or beef, Hamanasi has a variety of dishes to satisfy.

Looking for a light snack? There’s always ceviche, chips, and salsa to curb your appetite until you’re ready for the main entrée.

If you prefer vegetarian fare, the resort will happily accommodate your nutritional needs.

Finally, if you go on a hiking expedition or any other away activity, you can take along a pack lunch prepared by the restaurant as well.

If you prefer wine, spirits, or champagne, Hamanasi provides you with the finest available, whether in your room, on the beach, or while engaging in the numerous activities available.


Hamanasi offers a variety of lodging to suit your romantic getaway. From a luxury wedding suite or a tree house to a beachfront room, you get to choose the perfect setting for your memorable celebration of love, all set among the beauty of the beach and the rainforest. There are four types of rooms from which to choose, all with a private porch and some with a Jacuzzi as well. All rooms boast amazing views.

Things to Do

Lots of fun and interesting couple activities abound a Hamanasi resort. Reserve a private beach area just for the two of you, take a personal cruise while you sip on fine wine or champagne, go on a private hiking expedition with a personal guide, visit lush areas teeming with waterfalls and natural pools perfect for taking a couple-only swim. If you love diving, Hamanasi is the largest PADI gold-star facility in the entire country of Belize. You can also visit the BlueHoleNational Park or choose a trek to Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary and Jaguar Preserve.

Who Should Go?

This resort is ideal for the adventurous couple looking for a memorable romantic getaway to mark an anniversary or the chance to begin their marriage on the beach in a picturesque setting, all to the sound of soothing waves lapping on the beach.

But be aware—there are no televisions or phones in the rooms at Hamanasi. The rooms do have air conditioning, however. If you’re looking for a quiet, intimate getaway, you can be assured of privacy here. If an emergency arises, the staff will be happy to assist you.


Deemed a bronze-level resort, Hamanasi was the first resort in Belize to receive Green Globe Certification. This certification is bestowed on eco-friendly destinations by the Belize Tourism Board.

To reduce erosion and preserve the romanticism of the setting, Hamanasi uses a six-foot-wide designated strip of vegetation near the beach.

Hamanasi has a ten-acre reserve dedicated to the conservation of a number of animals, including fish, birds, turtles, and more.

Trees are an essential part of the eco-system. To that end, Hamanasi built the resort among the trees and cleared as few of them as possible. The result is a stunning atmosphere that is also kinder to the environment.

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