Get Your Game On! How To Get The Most Out Of Your Gaming Room

Posted on Dec 15 2016 - 6:55pm by Editorial Staff

We all know the stereotype right? The dark, dingy room. The only light coming from the screen in one corner. The smell of Doritos and sweat wafting out through the doorway. And huddled somewhere within all the mess sits the gamer, staring fixated at the screen. Yeah, it’s not a pretty picture. It’s also mostly nonsense! As much as the media would have you think so, most gamers do in fact know how to wash and even go outside from time to time! Most gaming rooms are actually pretty places to be! What could be nicer than being surrounded by so many ways to be entertained? But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of ways that your gaming room can be made even better. Here are just a few ways to get the most out of it.

Display your consoles

If you’re the kind of gamer who saves all of the consoles that you’ve ever had then congratulations, not only do you have an amazing library of games to play but you’ve also got some built-in decoration for your room. Find a way to shelve and display your consoles. That way you can enjoy looking at them all as well as having immediate access to them whenever you want. The same should go for your games, get them neat and organized! Don’t let your Genesis cartridges get mixed in with your GameCube games. Displaying everything like this can really make your room feel like a smarter and more pleasant place to be in.

Get some art on the walls

Why not show your personality a bit? If you want to bring a really personal touch to your gaming room then why not find some pieces of art that you really like. And since this room is for gaming, why not make sure you’ve got gaming-themed art on the walls! There are plenty of places where you can find fantastic art based around all of your favorite franchises. Whether you’re a retro aficionado or are always up to date with the latest releases, you’re sure to find something that will complement your room perfectly.

Make space for friends

No matter how clean and well decorated your room is, it would be a real shame if you were the only person who was able to get into it. See if you can clear some space in the room, maybe even try t fit a couch in there. There really is nothing like sitting down for a long gaming session with a bunch of friends. It’s far less fun if you’re all cramped and sweaty after five minutes. Make sure the room is cool, and you can always reach the window to open it. If you really want to make it the perfect hangout spot, think about getting a fridge so that you can all stay topped up with snacks and drinks while you game. Trust me; you’ll get so much more out of it if your gaming room is set up so that you and your friends can all play together.

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