Get Creative With Your Business Christmas Card

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As much as we love to receive Christmas cards, the truth is a lot of them are very similar. Then again we do notice when we get one that is out of the ordinary. Maybe there is a message here for your business and a good hint about making a difference! Here are a few suggestions to make sure your business Christmas ecards stand out.

A Christmas card like no other

All Christmas cards are not the same. They may have things in common, and we expect that. We expect the compliments of the season, and we expect a certain amount of appropriate imagery. Colors are particularly important. Consider how you could combine a festive touch with your own personalised card. You could use your logo as a base and build up from there. Aim towards a card that says something about you and the season. Getting creative with making your Christmas ecards for business, means making your message stand out.

Consider the content

Tech has changed the world, no two ways about it. It’s easier to do just about everything and that is a fact. The ecard was a novel idea of infinite promise. It is making business an exciting place. Opening a Christmas ecard with content is like those wonderful Christmas cards that had a little something inside. It is always a sheer pleasure to open!

On that note, make your Christmas ecard not just different but also special. Give it value with content. That means taking advantage of technology to showcase what you do. A card can have links to social media and live web. It can have music, which can be amazingly effective.

Why not work with animation and create a funny short that will be shared and remembered? You can be colourful, and you can be frivolous. At the same time you are sending a message about your desire to connect. Your desire to be in touch.

Make it a platform

Through media, you could pitch all manner of content that will be relevant to your customer. You can use it as a platform for events that are on the horizon. In the same way that many people like to plan their holidays at this dark time of year, so you could give customers something to look forward to.

Focus on certain times of the year, particularly in the spring or early summer. Make it an occasion when you know your customers will be making changes, or considering an investment. A Garden business for example will be laying plans for all manner of spring activities and special offers. You could link in with an idea for a calendar or, the offer of a reminder at a later date. The truth is, the season is short. As soon as it is over people turn their attentions desperately towards the New Year and all the expectations that come with it.

Use your Christmas ecard wisely and it could open doors for your business for the rest of the year. Above all, use it as an opportunity to connect with your customers and thank them for their business.

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