Germany Reopens Facebook Facial Recognition Inquiry

Posted on Aug 16 2012 - 4:43am by Editorial Staff

After failed attempts to persuade over the social giant to revise its facial recognition database policies, Germany has reopened its investigation, according to the New York Times. The dispute arouse the time Facebook’s requirement that users to opt-out of its facial recognition database, rather than making it as a compulsory condition by European Union law.

Germany’s data protection commissioner argues over the fact that the Facebook is violating the EU’s Article 29 Working Party decision. Although social giant trying its best efforts to make things happens as per Germany asked but Caspar is unsatisfied and believes more things to be done, telling the BBC:

“It is to be welcomed that Facebook clearly recognises that the process of collecting biometric data is at least not in accordance with data protection law in Europe. But Facebook can’t just stay halfway there.”

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