Gartner: Global Mobile Sales Down 2.3%, Smartphone Up By 42.7%

Posted on Aug 14 2012 - 9:45am by Editorial Staff

Gartner today released its numbers for smartphone and overall mobile sales in Q2. The research firm reported that there were total of 419 million phones sold to consumers worldwide, down 2.3% compared to a year ago. Among this number, over one-third of all devices sold were smartphones, making a total to 154 million units, were up by 42.7%. The interesting is that in smartphone sales, Apple and Samsung together only accounts for a total of 83%.

In smartphone, Android accounts for a total of around 99 million units sold, captured 64% of the smartphone market for the quarter, compared to 43.4% a year ago. Samsung’s Galaxy counts for a total of half of all Android sales, reaching 45.6 million units sold while Apple’s iPhone saw a total growth selling nearly 29 million units. Both Symbian and RIM saw a big drops hovering between 5% and 6% market share, while Samsung’s Bada and Microsoft’s saw an average.

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