Gardening Hacks – How To Garden Without A Garden

Posted on Feb 26 2020 - 10:24am by Editorial Staff

For many of us, the luxury of having a garden is something we have become so accustomed to it doesn’t even cross our mind of what not having one would be like. The privilege of being able to go to your local gardening center and pick out the most vibrant array of flowers, plants, and adorable decorations for your outdoor spaces is an activity that is assumed rather simple.

However, what is it like for those who don’t have a garden?  In recent years, the gardening trend has become a popular choice of activity amongst the younger generation, who may not have the advantage of a garden due to a popular choice of lifestyle being to rent apartments or flats. 

So, what are the alternatives? Here, we explore a variety of gardening solutions for those who lack the outdoor space needed.

Balcony gardens

The likelihood is that your balcony size will be a lot smaller than a garden space is. However, these small spaces can be gardening hot spots! Whether it is a window box, a plant pot, or a gap in the wall, all can be brightened up with some wilderness décor.

Take for example, a window box. Even the oldest and most rustic of boxes can be brought back to life using only a compost bag and a colorful array of plants from petunias to zinnias to begonias.

Have you got any gaps in the wall that you’ve been trying to hide? Well, instead of hiding them, be resourceful and use them! Plant succulents into your walls and watch them jazz up your outdoor space. The best part of these succulents is that they require very little looking after — even in poor soil conditions and only a minimal amount of watering, these plants will grow and flourish.

Or, add an authentic, wilderness theme to your walls by growing climbers. Plant a hydrangea vine and watch an outburst of white and green flowers fill your walls with vibrancy. Plant a trumpet vine and see how it gradually climbs your enclosure filling it with explosive shades of orange and red blossoms. Or, take a more subtle approach using ivy to give your walls a jungle-theme to them. Take your pick!

Indoor gardens

Who said that gardens must be outside all the time? Bring your garden inside by using these ingenious tips and tricks.

Instead of throwing away those old and chipped glass frames or storage units, get creative and turn them into an adorable indoor terrain. By using a splash of paint and a glue-gun to amend your frames, these are perfect display pieces for indoor plants from bird’s nest ferns to philodendron greens.

Drape your gardening

Yes, you heard correct — use your ceiling to hang Japanese Kokedama bonsai plants from! These ones of a kind plants grow in a sphere of soil and moss that is all held together by an entangled web of string. Once all of this is securely set up, use string to hang these plants from your ceiling and create a truly unique indoor garden style.

You could also choose to dedicate an entire wall towards expressing your plant-passion! It’s simple. Just attach a planter to your wall and fill it with all the wilderness you like. Plant herb seeds, violets, lilies, Chinese evergreens, or spider plants, to name a few.

These are only a handful of many quirky ways to design a garden without having the outdoor space to do so. Choose a wall, plant pot, ceiling, or even an old fish tank and turn it into an innovative forestry success. So, what are you waiting for? Get creative!

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