Gaming Industry Goes Mobile, Sees Huge Growth Potential

Posted on Mar 19 2015 - 7:10pm by Editorial Staff


Games have always been a popular choice among people. Riding in the periphery of the entertainment industry, today games, by which we mean all sorts of video/ virtual games, are running the main show when it comes to bringing in the big bucks in the entertainment industry, superseding even, the feature films. The dramatic and lightening paced growth that is seen in theVideo Gaming markethas been evident, and will continue to be so. But, while the regular games have seen their heyday, it is the mobilegame apps that arethe new gold rush for the gamingindustry. Take Mansion Casino for example, a hugely mobile responsive website, for all sorts of casino games on mobile devices.

Recent estimates from NewZoo, a global research firm specializing in gaming industry, has pegged the market size of the gaming industry to rise to $30 billion in the year 2015, a revision from their own previous estimate of $26 billion, thanks to the upward trend seen in the gaming industry. So far, the online casino industry has faced many hurdles, something that we will discuss, a little later, but the horizon is bright and full of expectations for owners and management of online casino gaming sites.

The gaming market also seems more accepting of the Slot gaming industry. While the gambling industry did face several minor setbacks, experts believe that it is time for them to be the fore runners in this new wave in the online gaming boom. This rise of popularity for the slot and gambling games may also be due to the core casinos, finally tapping into the smart phone market and making online gambling more accessible to a wider audience.


This was however not the case a few months back. This may have been partly because of the strong federal restrictions put on the Casinos, and partly because of the core casinos not opening taking advantage of the growing mobile market. Although these casinos have online sites, apart from a few exceptions, very few have provided a worth the while online casino experience.

With the gaming industry opening up to slot games, and biggies in the casino world, taking a closer look at the mobile medium, the slot gaming sector may be in for a major face lift. With minor changes like letting players fund their accounts using mobile wallets, creating more up to date user interfaces and application, using location of players to send them notifications, etc. could really help boast the popularity of this sector.

But it is not just the slot industry that is seeing growth. Casino based games are also quite popular amongst users. With social media becoming an integral part of our daily lives, it is easier for game developers to ask their existing customers to promote their games amongst their friends. Growth through social channels is very much a reality in the online gaming industry and online casinos are taking complete advantage of this fact. For those, who would not like to risk their money, there is also the option of social casino, where you cannot cash out your winnings, instead use them for a better gaming experience in the virtual world or else even buy some virtual goods for yourself.

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